The NoNCDAKn-Communicable Diseases Alliance in Kenya (NCDAK) has emerged out of the need to comprehensively and sustainably address the rising prevalence of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Kenya and in other parts of the world. Many individuals, associations, professional bodies and institutions recognize the need to have joint action to address NCDs. Other than the four main NCDs as espoused by the WHO (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, cancers and chronic lung diseases), Kenya has added to the list other diseases of importance to include stroke, mental health, accidents and injuries, and musculoskeletal diseases.

Shared Risk Factors

The four main NCDs have common risk factors: inappropriate diet with excessive food additives; lack of physical activity; tobacco use; harmful use of alcohol; and exposure to environmental toxins. Furthermore, there is a close link between some communicable diseases, e.g. tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS and NCDs.

Other NCDs however, affect a significant number of the population yet they have completely unrelated or non-shared risk factors for example Rheumatic Heart Disease and Eye disease among others.

NCDAK, therefore, provides a framework within which the different actors can plan, act together and ensure that Kenyans enjoy good quality of life free of NCDs and their adverse effects.


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