Membership and Governance

  1. Membership is open to individuals, associations, professional bodies, civil society organizations, private sector institutions involved in promotion, advocacy, prevention, research and management of NCDs. Membership will be open to credible, legally registered and active organisations under the following clusters:
    1. Professional associations (health and health-related);
    2. Civil society organizations (including national and international NGOs and FBOs);
    3. Health research organizations and universities;
    4. Private sector institutions working on NCD and other health and health related matters;
    5. Ex-officio members may include:

2.    Government of Kenya officials including those from Ministries of Health,                                          Agriculture, Education, Finance, Environment  and Natural Resources,                                              Social Development, etc.

3.   Unilateral, bilateral, multilateral partners and other organizations that                                              shall add value to the Alliance

Membership is based on registration and subscription. The subscription fee will be determined by members from time to time. Members agree to be bound by the aims and objectives of NCDAK. The subscribers to the NCDAK constitution and such other organizations may, as the Board of NCDAK may from time to time determine, be admitted to the membership.

Membership (April, 2016)[1]

  1. Amref Health Africa (formerly African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF))
  2. Kenya Diabetes Management and Information Centre (DMI or DMI Centre)
  3. African Institute for Health and Development (AIHD) 
  4. Kenya Association for Prevention of Tuberculosis & Lung Disease (KAPTLD)
  5. Consortium for NCD Prevention and Control in sub-Saharan Africa (CNCD-Africa)
  6. Kenyan-Heart National Foundation
  7. International Institute for Legislative Affairs (ILA)
  8. Kenya Hospices and Palliative Care Association (KEHPCA)
  9. Kenya Medical Association (KMA)
  10. African Queen of Hearts Foundation Limited (AQOHF)
  11. Diabetes Kenya (formerly Kenya Diabetes Association (KDA))
  12. Holistic Living/East African Bariatric Clinic (EABC)
  13. Fitness for Health Initiative Africa
  14. MSF Belgium (Kenya)
  15. 10003 Warrior Project
  16. Africa Cancer Foundation
  17. Fat Loss Laboratory EA
  18. Kenya Cancer Association
  19. Kenya Defeat Diabetes Association
  20. Kenya Red Cross Society
  21. Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance (KETCA)
  22. Stroke Association of Kenya
  23. Young Professionals Chronic Disease Network (YPCDN)

[1] As at April, 2016. Individual members are not listed.


Application fee is KES. 2000/= for individuals and KES. 5000/= for institutions.
E-mail all queries to info.nak[at] or ncdak[at]

Payment Details
Bank Transfer: Cash or Cheque
Bank Transfer: Payable to NCD Alliance Kenya
Standard Chartered Bank Kenya – Nairobi,
Branch; Yaya Centre
KES. Account No. 0102834874400
USD Account No. 8702834874400


Very important: All the bank charges are to be borne by the client

To apply for membership, please download and fill the application form NCD Alliance Kenya -Sign Up Form Ver1 Rev1. Drop off the form at NCDAK Secretariat (Address on the form) with either cash payment or cheque addressed to NCD ALLIANCE KENYA. All registered members will be issued with a Membership Certificate.

Feedback to:
Tel: 254 (20) 387 33 85, Cell: 0727 850 851; M: +254-737 50 30 35

Current Officials:
Chair: Prof. Gerald Yonga, AKU/KCS
Vice Chair: Dr. Eva Njenga, DMI/KCS
Secretary: Dr. Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo, AIHD/CNCD-Africa
Treasurer: Dr. Jeremiah Chakaya, KAPTLD/The Mater Hospital


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