Generate a national political commitment on how to contribute to the overarching global target of a 25% reduction in premature mortality from NCDs by 2025. Also in line with WHO proposed objectives of the 2013 – 2020 action plan, NCDAK will play its part at national level in achievements of the objectives below:-

  1. Creation of political and public awareness of NCDs as a health and development issue;
  2. Establishment and monitoring of  multi-sectoral action for prevention and control of NCDs. Recognize that effective noncommunicable disease prevention and control require leadership and multi-sectoral approaches for health at the government level, including, as appropriate, health-in-all-policies and whole-of-government approaches across such sectors as health, agriculture, communication, education, employment, energy, environment, finance, industry and trade, labour, sports, transport, urban planning, and social and economic development. The private sector and other non state actors need to also be engaged;
  3. Strengthen international cooperation and results oriented partnerships to raise revenue and strengthen national capacity. Recognize the primary role and responsibility of governments in responding to the challenge of noncommunicable diseases and the important role of the international community and international cooperation in assisting Member States, particularly developing countries, in complementing national efforts;
  4. Reduction of risk factors and create health-promoting environments. Tobacco control, alcohol consumption control, promotion of healthy diets and physical activity;
  5. Re-orientation of health systems to address NCDs and provide universal coverage. Comprehensive care of noncommunicable diseases encompasses primary prevention, early detection/screening, treatment, secondary prevention, rehabilitation, palliative care and attention to improving mental health as a priority for social development and investment in people. The aim is to ensure that all people have access, without discrimination to a nationally determined set of the needed promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative, basic health services for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases while making sure that the use of these services does not expose the users to financial hardship including ensuring the continuity of care in the aftermath of emergencies and disasters. A reoriented and strengthened health system should aim to improve early detection of people with cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes and other noncommunicable diseases and those at high risk, prevent complications, reduce the need for hospitalization and costly high technology interventions and prevent premature death, as well health systems should establish and partnerships with other sectors to ensure social determinants are considered in service planning and provision within communities.  The actions under this objective will aim to strengthen the health system, set policy directions for moving towards universal health coverage and make progress in achieving two voluntary global targets listed below as well as the premature mortality target:  i)  at least 50% of eligible people receive drug therapy and counseling (including glycaemic control) to prevent heart attacks and strokes and ii) an 80% availability of the affordable basic technologies and essential medicines, including generics, required to treat major noncommunicable diseases in both public and private facilities;
  6. Implementation of prioritized NCD research agenda to provide evidence for decision making and policy; and
  7. Establishment of NCD surveillance systems and monitor the NCD epidemic.

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