Call for Proposal to Design,Develop and Deploy a Customized EMS System

Malteser International (MI), through the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, in collaboration with the Nairobi City County Health Services Department and the African Institute for Health and Development (AIHD) plans to implement a project aimed at strengthening the health care system through improved capacity in management of selected NCDs within Nairobi’s informal settlements. The project will use an innovative technology to build the capacity of healthcare workers to adhere to clinical guidelines in the management of hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus (DM). The system will provide a platform to easily digitize data leading to improved NCD health information in 45 health facilities in four sub-counties of Nairobi County.

The proposed digital platform will mostly be utilized at first or second level health facilities in Nairobi. The development of technologies supporting this project, require tools and components that are user friendly, easy to sustain and possibly be replicated in various other facilities and settings in the future. The developer should interpret and prescribe suitable solutions, considering current industry standards, ease of use and maintenance, as well as sustained future outlook.

This assignment is to design, develop and deploy a customized EMS that focuses on adherence to national hypertension and diabetes guidelines that is easily accessible to health management teams.

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