NCD Alliance E-Alert

TODAY: UN Civil Society Hearing on NCDs

The UN Civil Society Informal Interactive Hearing on NCDs is today, starting at 10am EST in the Trusteeship Council at UN Headquarters in New York.The hearing is civil society’s opportunity to identify and discuss the achievements and gaps in our collective response to NCDs since 2011. A report from the hearing will be used to inform the outcomes of the upcoming high-level UN NCD Review (10-11 July). Click here to read the NCD Alliance’s priorities for the UN NCD Review.

Proceedings today will be webcast live, and can be viewed via UN Web TV, at

The format of the day is centred around two roundtable discussions, with opening and closing plenaries featuring eminent persons from civil society.

Roundtable speakers include Ms Katie Dain, Executive Director of the NCD Alliance, who will be presenting findings from the NCD Alliance online consultation of the UN Review (available here); Mr Jacob Gayle, CEO of Medtronic Philanthropy; Professor Gerald Yonga, Aga Khan University; Mr Jason Hatke, Alzheimer’s Disease International; and Sir George Alleyne, Director Emeritus of PAHO. Following speeches from members of the Roundtable panels, the discussion will be opened to members of the floor for interactive participation.

Click here to view the programme for the day

Courtesy of  The NCD Alliance team


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